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Test Drive

“Why it’s Important to Test Drive Before Buying a Used Car”

Would you buy apparel without trying the fitting of it? Would you buy a laptop without accessing the features? Or would you ever consider buying a house without visiting it physically? No, no matter under what circumstance you are taking the call. It is a similar case with cars be it new or used cars. In fact, it is a mandate to do so. Following your heart and mind or going by the healthy looks of the car doesn’t suffice the condition of the car. Or never conforms to the fact that’s its value for money. It is not only important but a mandatory step in buying a second-hand car.  Here are few the reasons to make help to believe what all it can do.

#1 Critical Analysis of Exterior

Yes, the first impression is important here as well. Though the looks can be deceptive. You need to take a closure look at the exterior to analyse for dents, scratches or any other kind of deformation. A lot many times the service provider would have worked on the car on their own to increase the valuation of it therefore, it completely makes sense to check those points too.

#2 Any Surprising elements in the Interiors?

Many times you might give a miss to the car interior while taking a test drive. Or in cases like when you trust the organisation. Well, there is nothing harm in checking the interiors like the dashboards, functioning of the radio or the music system, all the inbuilt features like AC vent and functioning, seat belts, seat reclining feature, the mats, seat covers etc. You can make the work easier by making a checklist prior to your visit.

#3 Performance of the engine

If not tried and tested properly then it can prove to be the mother of all problems. Fix a time for the test drive with OLX Cash My Car. Take the car to a good route which can put the car to the testing of various functions while driving. Also, when the car is stationed do not forget to check the engine bay, fluid levels of oil and coolant, battery, underneath rusting or fluids dripping and the exhaust for the emission of blue or black smoke.

#4 Testing of Steering Wheel

Steering is a crucial element to be checked. The control of the steering wheel matters especially during the time of urgency in enabling you to respond quickly. During the drive check if there is abnormal vibration when you change the speed or the gear. Is it making any rattling sound or screeches? Also, turn the wheel at various speeds to analyse the level of resistance or tightness of the wheels.

#4 How responsive are the brakes?

Find out a large empty park to check the effectiveness of the brakes and if its tops at a safe distance when pressed. Additionally, do make sure to check the brake pedal if it is loose or if you are required to put a lot of pressure on it. And that’s not about it, check the hand brake too on a slope.

#5 How strong are the Suspensions?

You will end up driving on bumpy roads or face a good number of speed-breakers therefore, it is important to test the car’s suspension. Due to wear and tear of the car, it might have got weak which could be a problem during the driving. Check the suspension with bounces over bigger bumps and smaller ones of how suspension absorbs them.

#6 Are Wheels aligned?

Alignment of wheels can make your car go hay-wire. It can not only create noise during the turns but also can add to the problems during the drive. When the wheels are not aligned it leads to abrupt driving because steering’s strength also weakens with it. The combination of both is equally required for the smooth running of the car.

In most of the cases, certified cars will always vouch on these parameters but there is no harm being the invigilator yourself. Remember you always deserve the value for the money when purchasing used car.