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Used Car in Bengaluru

“Top Used Cars being sold in Bengaluru”

Bengaluru has become one of the major cities to welcome the trend of selling and buying of used cars. OLX Cash My Car with its well-networked presence in the city has given enough and more reasons for the customers to move the next car. While buying or selling used cars used to do be a tedious and clumsy task, it is no more the same. The landscape has changed because the second-hand car market is getting organized at a speedy rate. Currently, the market has been organized up to 15-17%, therefore, making an impact on consumer behavior too. The outlook is not only positive but more confident in selling pre-owned cars.

OLX Cash My Car with its presence across places in Bengaluru has enabled all categories of customers to sell their cars. The offline centres are helping customers with free physical inspection, document transfer and instant secure payment too. Bengaluru car owners who have been interested in selling their cars belong to small family cars. The most convenient of the lot as well as easily acceptable for the sale too. Here are some of the car models which top the list of Bengaluru is selling off:

Maruti WagonR has been the top most cars to be sold in the market. There could be various reasons for small cars to come as winners amongst others. Citizens of the city are upgrading from two-wheeler to four-wheelers, busier streets are demanding small cars which are easily maneuvered, low cost of maintenance. Also, small car owners are upgrading to sedans or SUV thus, such deals come handy to pay the down payment as well. Especially when there is no cost or sweat is associated with the selling of cars. A car boasting the best mileage on the Indian road between 21 kmpl to 33 kmpl. A seating capacity of 5 as well as engine displacement of 998 CC/ 1197 CC with a fuel tank capacity of 32 litres which is nothing less than a big car. And not only the car upgraded versions have manual and AMT transmission too. There is no less reason why it has been on high demand as well as being sold off as well.

Maruti Swift Dzire tops the sedan category. Maruti has been comfortably topping the list of new as well as used cars. Maruti brand cars for surely fetch better pricing in the second-hand car market. Trust and age-old confidence play an important role in the consumers’ mind. The new car pricing starts at INR 5.82 Lakhs with a lot of features which are not easy to get if you go for any other brand. Again, Maruti car models have been mastered to give the best mileage. In the case of Swift Dezire, it varies from 21.2 Kmpl to 28.4 kmpl. It is also the first compact sedan to comply with the BS6 emission norms and AIS 145 safety regulations. The car has got engine displacement 1197cc/1248 cc with a power of 73.5bhp@4000rpm. A comfortable 5-Seater comes with boot space of 378.

Hyundai Elite i20 has been making the name in the used car sector too. The demands are on high and thus, it’s attracting a high price too. Its bold, premium styling with enhancing power train makes it a lucrative purchase in the market. And no, the looks are not just deceptive but it has much more to offer to the owner. The new car starts from INR 5.53 Lakhs and stretches up to INR 9.34 Lakhs. The basic one only gives you ample of benefits like a strong mileage of 17 kmpl while the highest end will fetch a 22 kmpl. It comes in both-petrol as well as diesel. It’s a strong car with 88.76bhp@4000rpm. Few of the researches and surveys suggest that annual cost is not above INR 4,508 per year which is one of the main reasons to be attractive in the second-hand car market.

When Volkswagen Polo entered India, it made waves and somehow became favourable to the consumers also. The brand made its ground strong with this car which comes in the pricing of INR 9.70 Lakhs. The car is stylish comes in variants like Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and Highline Plus. The used car market also has got a taste who doesn’t want to buy normal cars which are seen on the road. The car has got a 20.1 kmpl along with the power of 89bhp@4200 rpm. It has got a manual transmission as well as with a forward drive train feature. The fuel tank capacity is ever to last for the longest trip of 45 litres. It has got PORTAGO Alloy Wheels for a firm drive as well.

In the SUV category, the used car market has shown special love to Ford Ecosport in the Bengaluru market. This is the most saleable car in the town. The car starts from INR 7.8 Lakhs which goes up to INR 10.07 Lakhs. A brand-new car can attract heavy insurance premium between the range of INR 40,000 to INR 50,000 per annum but when bought as a second-hand car the premium comparatively decreases. The SUV is one of the best cars for long weekend trips with the 23 kmpl average of mileage and a power of 1498 cc. The car also safety features like passenger and side front airbags, ABS, central locking as well as front fog lamps making it easier to drive in hilly areas.

They have made their names in the minds of the customers in the second-hand car market too. When such cars have been certified by OLX Cash My Car then they become easily re-salable as well as sellers find the best ROI. The consumers are slowly understanding the second-car market which is making them ready to take decisions on offers. They are aware of the pricing system as well as how it is benefiting them. Thus, always in the agreement of selling costlier and bigger cars to move on to the next giant. OLX Cash My Car has created a place for itself where the pricing is being trusted along with the services. Bengaluru will see more of used cars being enjoyed by the residents in the coming years.