OLX Cash My Car – Sell Used Car in 3 Easy & Quick Steps
Documents Required

“A Step by Step Guide to Sell Used Car”

The complete set of documents to sell the car makes life easier than you can imagine. Selling used car can be a tedious task with the long list of documents that are required to be submitted with the RTO. Hence, it is important to be aware of the process at the back of your mind. Numerous documents like RC, Insurance Papers, Form 28, Form 29 and more are required when you plan to sell your used car. Although the forms are mostly available on the VAHAN website , it is pivotal to understand what roles they have in completing the transfer of the car.

  • Five Essential Car Documents that are required –

1. RC:

The registration card is proof that your car is registered with the RTO. It validates the existence of the car as well as it is the most important document to carry further processes. Also, remember that the RC is only valid if there are no spelling mistakes or is damaged. Furthermore, if you don’t possess the RC, you need to have the following documents submitted to the Authority

  1. RTO Form 26. Download RTO Form 26 here
  2. FIR copy
  3. Bank NOC
  4. Chassis imprint of the car
  5. PUC copy
  6. ID proofs (ID and Address)
  7. An affidavit claiming the loss of RC (to ensure that your RC is not seized)

2. Car Insurance:

Insurance papers eventually are the foundation of selling a used car too hence, it is important to be transferred on to the new buyer’s name. Insurance transfer is a vital process so that the oncoming premiums are paid by the new owner as well as making sure that he/she receive the benefits of the car insurance in situations of an urgency.

3. Pollution Under Check Certificate

Given the status of the pollution emanating cars on Indian roads are a major problem thus no service provider would like to hoard a polluted car. Therefore, it is important to get the pollution level checked every six months to maintain a record. You can get a pollution check done at any of the petrol pumps by paying Rs.60 to Rs. 100. It’s important to perform the task a few days before to add on to the credibility of the vehicle.

4. Car Invoice  (Optional)

Did you purchase the car and forgot to maintain the papers after that? Do not just Indulge in enjoying the car but always think about the future. Even if you are not planning to sell still you might need to produce the invoice of the car at a workshop or during a servicing session. It carries the original pricing of the car which becomes a base of negotiation while selling it.

5. Duplicate Car Keys (Optional)

It is good to have on your checklist during the sale of the car. It makes the process easier for the buyer.

  • Individual Documents Required  To Sell A Car

Furthermore, there is a list of individual documents –

  1. Pan Card

  2. Address Proof

  3. Photographs

All of these documents need to be self-attested otherwise they might not be accepted. Thus, making you run around for days to complete the simple process.

  • Four RTO Forms That are Required

Additionally, an individual is required to bring in RTO Forms which include Form 28, 29, 30 and 35,which  can be downloaded on the VAHAN website or are even available offline at your local RTO. You need to submit duly filled copies of these forms to the RTO in order to complete the sale process of the used car

1. Form 28: Application for No Objection Certificate –

It can be downloaded from the VAHAN Website You can download the same here.

You would be required to download three copies of Form 28 during the resale of the car. The application is completed in three steps:

  1. Step 1: Form 28 has to be submitted along with the RC, Insurance Certificate, Pollution Under Control Certificate, pencil print of the chassis number, ID and address proof.  Specifically for Maharashtra, car’s chassis number is to be imprinted on an A4 sheet and not on Form 28.
  2. Step 2: RTO will go through the documents as well as carry out police verification to check if the car has any criminal record.
  3. Step 3: With no such records, RTO will issue the NOC in 7 to 20 business days.

Form 28

2. Form 29: Notification to RTO upon selling the car

Form 29 is a crucial document to be submitted with the RTO. It acts as a final notification on the transfer of the ownership of the car. This document can be downloaded here or even collected from the local RTO.


3. Form 30: Transfer of Ownership

It is a form which acts as a confirmation of form 29. So once Form 29 is sent to the RTO, form 30 will be an intimation to the department that the transfer of the vehicle needs to be done. Therefore, the entire responsibilities can be transferred to the buyer. You need to submit this form to the RTO within 14 days of the sale of your vehicle. Two copies of Form 30 are required. You can either download Form 30 from here or collect it from the nearest RTO.


4. Form 35: Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase /Lease /Hypothecation

By the time of the resale of the car if there is no hypothecation then you need to assure that Form 35 has been duly submitted. It has to be submitted in duplicate copies. The duplicate copy is submitted with the financier whereas the original copy has to be sent to RTO to disclose the terms of the hire-purchase/lease/hypothecation. The RTO will register the same against your registered vehicle number. Form 35 can be downloaded from VAHAN website.


It might look like a long list of documents but trust us that most of the documentation is taken care of by OLX Cash My Car. You will be guided from end to end process once the inspection has been completed and an offer has been made to you. On the acceptance of the offer (same day), you will be asked to produce the personal and car documents. Other forms will be provided by our representatives who would even guide you to fill the form. Surprisingly, the entire process is completed in a span of 45 minutes leading to final payment into your account.