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“Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 | New Challan Slabs & Rules”

In the last one week, heaps of things have modified for motorists plying on Indian roads. With the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 coming into effect from September 1, the going has gotten tough for those breaking traffic rules. From higher penalties for driving errors to imprisonment up to 1 month for racing and speeding; and up to 6 months for offences relating to accidents, the new Act is bringing back things in order by ingraining fear.

What is Motor Vehicles Act?

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 relies on the recommendations from the group of Transport Ministers of States. Given that the Act was needed to discourage people from violating traffic rules, it has introduced significant fines for intoxicated driving, driving without licence, dangerous driving, over-speeding, etc. These penalties are going to be increasing by 10 per cent once a year on April 1st, as notified by the Central government. The new Act has additionally extended the period for renewal of driving licences from one month to one year after the date of expiration. Only if the renewal was delayed for over a year, will the driver need to undergo a check of competency. The Act additionally guarantees to shield those who render emergency medical or non-medical help to a victim of an accident, from any civil or criminal liability. The minimum compensation for death or grievous injury due to hit-and-run has been moved up considerably.

Why is it important?

In 2017, as per data by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, there had occurred 4.64 lakh accidents that claimed lives of 1.47 lakh individuals. Two-wheelers accounted for over a 3rd of all road accidents. Slowly, as all States begin implementing the provisions of the Act with heftier fines and imprisonment for intoxicated driving, driving without licence and insurance and juvenile offences, folks might begin to follow rules and road accidents may very well decrease. Within the last one week itself, there has been a rush among motorists to renew their lapsed insurance policies, per knowledge from the biggest online insurance aggregator.

A valid motor insurance is vital in order that the aggrieved parties in a road accident get compensation. However, note that given that it’s solely a model Act, State governments are free to create their laws and rules. Success depends on how far states enforce the provisions of the Act.

New Chalan Slabs

Not following the traffic and road safety rules as per the Act can burn a hole in your pocket.

Refer to the below table for new challan slabs:

The table below is a list of the fines imposed under Motor Vehicles Act 2019


 Violation Old Provision / Penalty

New Minimum Penalties


General violations Rs 100

Rs 500

New 177A

Rules of road regulation violation Rs 100

Rs 500


Non-Compliance of orders Rs 500

Rs 2000


Unauthorized use of vehicles without licence Rs 1000

Rs 5000


Driving without licence Rs 500 Rs 5000
182 Driving despite disqualification Rs 500

Rs 10,000

182 B

Oversize vehicles New Rs 5000


Over speeding Rs 400 Rs 1000 for LMV

Rs 2000 for Medium passenger vehicle


Dangerous driving Rs 1000 Up-to Rs 5000
185 Drunken driving Rs 2000

Rs 10,000

189 Speeding / Racing Rs 500

Rs 5,000

192 A Vehicle without permit Up-to Rs 5000

Up-to Rs 10,000


Overloading Rs 2000 and

Rs 1000 per extra tonne

Rs 20,000 and

Rs 2000 per extra tonne

194 A Overloading of passengers

Rs 1000 per extra passenger

194 B

without Seat belt Rs 100 Rs 1000

194 C

Overloading of 2 wheeler Rs 100 Rs 2000, disqualification for 3 months for licence

194 D

Without Helmets Rs 100

Rs 1000 disqualification for 3 months for licence

194 E

Not giving way to emergency vehicles New Rs 10,000
196 Driving Without Insurance RS 1000

Rs 2000


Offences by Juveniles New Guardian / owner shall be deemed to be guilty. Rs 25,000 with 3 years imprisonment. For Juvenile to be tried under Juvenile Justice Act. Registration of Motor Vehicle to be cancelled
206 Power of officers to impound documents

Suspension of driving licenses u/s 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E

210 B

Offences committed by enforcing authorities

Twice the penalty under the relevant section

Green and safe:

Making our roads safer and our vehicles less unsafe to the environment has been a continual theme. Because of this, one amongst the key changes to the original Act is to permit the Central Government to issue directions to makers to retrofit safety and emissions management instrumentation on motorized vehicles, in accordance with such standards and specifications as directed by it. additionally, State and Regional Transport Authorities have been further authorized to issue directives and institute schemes to decrease overcrowding of roads with respect to parking areas and halting stations and better road safety.

A guide to obtain Driving Licence

In order to make processes – like obtaining a driver’s license, registration of vehicles and changes to be made to numerous documents – easier, varied clauses and sections of the 1988 Act has been amended. One among the foremost changes are that applications for documentation – from a learner’s license and change of address on a license to vehicle registrations and permits — can be made at any licensing authority in the State and can be done online.

The amendment additionally adds more stipulations for the renewal of driver’s licenses – a license holder can apply for renewal one year before its expiry and up to 1 year after. After this duration, the individual will have to pass a driving check once more. You can apply for a renewal online, just follow these instructions:

Parivahan Seva

Apply Online-

  1. First one h as to make sure that all the required documents are in hand to apply online.
  2. In order to apply for online, please follow the link: online portal
  3. Please select “Online Services” from the menu and click on “Driver License Related Services“.
  4. You will be taken to a new screen where you have to select “Delhi” in the drop-down menu against “Please select the State from where the service is to be taken”.
  5. Also select respective RTO office from the drop-down menu against “Please select the RTO from where the service is to be taken”
  6. In the next window, please click “Apply Online” to select “Services on Driving License” option
  7. In the new screen please hit “Continue”
  8. Please select / enter appropriate option and fill in information prompted for, then click “Proceed” to get the new page to apply online by filling the details prompted and upload required documents to process the application.
  9. Please take printout of Acknowledgement
  10. Go to the RTO office with acknowledgement and application form and pay the fees and submit the document at the right counter to process further

What is DigiLocker? And how do I access it?

Who desires to risk loss or damage to important documents like driver’s license, voter ID card or education certificates? Now keep all such documents safely within your house and carry the e-copies simply on your phone using the DigiLocker mobile app.

Available both on websites and mobile apps, DigiLocker is nothing, but a digital locker to store all of your documents. Linked to both Aadhaar card and cell phone numbers, DigiLocker eliminates the use of physical documents as a part of the government’s Digital India drive, since all data is stored within the cloud.

You can upload scanned copies of your documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG format) and access it anywhere you would like. You’ll be able to additionally e-sign these uploaded documents, which works like self-attestation of physical documents.

The road transport and highways ministry has written to state transport departments to treat e-copies of driver’s licence and vehicle registration certificates within the DigiLocker or mParivahan app as valid documents on par with the original ones. However, typically the traffic police or the motor vehicles department don’t treat such documents as valid. This happens notably in cases wherever someone has broken a traffic rule for which the documents need to be impounded by the traffic department.

Digilocker Registration Process hardly takes 10 minutes for a new user to register for Digilocker.  DigiLocker is a service provided by the Departments of Electronics and information technology, Indian Government.  DigiLocker App helps the User to upload and share the scanned documents from anywhere and anyplace.

Digilocker App help Users to store and download the following documents: Passport, Birth certificate, Educational certificates, digilocker vehicle registration certificates and many more.

  • Visit the Official website for DigiLocker https://digilocker.gov.in/
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button

Digilocker Signup Process - Digital India

  • Next, enter your mobile number and click on the continue button
  • You will receive an OTP code on your mobile
  • Enter a received OTP and click on Verify
  • You will find – “Set your Username and password” then Enter your Username and password
  • Next step is to verify your Aadhar number by either “Use OTP or Use Fingerprint
  • Use OTP:
  • If you select “Use OTP” then enter your Aadhar number and click on Submit button
  • An OTP will be sent to your Aadhar registered mobile no.
  • Now enter the OTP and select the validate OTP button
  • Once your OTP is successfully validated, your Digilocker Registration process is successful
  • Use Fingerprint:
  • If you choose “Use Fingerprint” option then click on it and print thumb with the fingerprint device
  • If your Fingerprints will be found valid then you can complete the signup process

Digilocker Registration Process Without Aadhar Number

  • Visit the officialwebsite for Digi locker and click on Sign up button
  • Enter your valid mobile numberand click on the continue button
  • You will receive an OTP to that mobile number, enter that OTP and click on verify button

Digilocker Without Aadhar Number - Digital India

  • After successful verification, you can set your Username and password
  • Then, here is the option “Don’t have a Aadhar? Continue here” button
  • Just click on that link then you will directly login to your new DigiLocker Account
  • Here ends the process to create DigiLocker account with and without Aadhar number.