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RC Transfer

“How to Transfer RC of Old Car?”

There is much more to do after identifying the right customer for your used car and receiving the final payment. The car is still on your name till the time it has not been officially transferred in the records of Road Transport of India. The Registration Card issued by the Government of India needs to be transferred on the new owner’s name as the part of the completion of the process. These are always seen as well as experienced as the most daunting task to be done by yourself. Thanks to the service providers who have been able to help the sellers as well as buyers in completing the process. The entire experience of selling a used car has become hassle-free because of the services provided by OLX Cash My Car. Nevertheless, one needs to be aware of the fact about the steps involved in the transfer of RC onto the buyer’s name. Here is a guide which helps you to know the step by step procedures of transferring the RC:

Step 1:

  • The owner needs to logon to Parivahan Seva website. An authorized and government’s official website of RTO to help the citizens with various requirements.
  • Once on the website landing page, you will be required to hover the mouse on Online Services and click on “Vehicle Related Services”.
  • Enter your Registration Number to move to the next step.

Step 2:

  • Once you have entered the Registered car number, you will be taken to the next page with different mnemonics representing various services.
  • You need to click on Miscellaneous Online Services for Transfer of Ownership, changing address or duplicate RC.

Step 3:

  • As you click on the screen, it will ask to submit the details like Car Chassis Number and registered Mobile number. Make sure to enter the right telephone number.
  • After, submitting the mobile number. Click on ‘generate OTP button’ which is beside the box itself. This OTP generation is important as it will allow you to show further details of the registered car.
  • The next screen will be “Collection of Fees” under which you need to choose one of the “Application Selection”. Therefore, you need to check the Transfer of Ownership. To say the least, it’s the first box which you need to check.

Step 4:

  • Stay on the same screen to provide further details.
  • You need to now enter details of the “New Owner”. It is crucial to have all the details of the new buyer handy during the time of the transfer. Also, make sure you have got it authorized as well as self-attested the document to avoid further confusion.  
  • Then make a payment of INR 400.

Caution: Do not panic and get frustrated when the payment fails after completing all the steps. You can always come back after 10-11 hours to re-do the steps. This generally happens because the transactions are time out.

Step 5:

  • Once the payment is done, do make sure that you have saved your receipt for future usage and proof of confirmation. The best way is to keep a screenshot too of the screen.

Step 6:

  • With the online payments, the last step is to fill a few of the forms and submit them at the respective RTO office.
  • Take printouts of the documents for submission: Original RC, Copy of RC, Form 29, Form 30, Form 28 receipt of online payment. In addition, take a self-attested copy of insurance certificate, address proof of the registered vehicle owner, pollution certificate, address proof of new owner and photo of the new owner, chassis print on both the forms and the last is making sure you have Aadhar cards of yours and new owner too.
  • These documents are finally submitted to the office.
  • Track your final transfer online with https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in.

It might look like a long list of the process but once followed its easier than reading it. The entire process has become much more convenient because of the online transformation. It helps you to save time as well as avoid long queues too.