OLX Cash My Car – Sell Used Car in 3 Easy & Quick Steps
Resale Value of Used Car

“How to Sell Old Car for a Profitable Resale Value”

Selling is an art. We have heard it most of the times, right? Well, this is not only true for the professionals and truly a mammoth task for the ones who are not in the business. When it comes to selling your own asset then it involves emotions too. Therefore, one needs to have a trustworthy customer whom the asset is being sold. If you are looking to sell your car it can really drain you out with the multiple tasks that need to be performed. It is close to impossible to search for the right customer who will be as good as an owner like you and also ends up giving a profitable gain. In a market like India which everything can be fudged to a great extent thus, not many can be trusted too. Therefore, for such kind of tasks it’s advisable to visit an expert. When selling your used car, prefer an organised player which will take care of most of the processes while finding you the best customer too. When you are planning to buy a new car remember to crack a profitable deal so that it can cover some percentage of the next purchase. The second-hand car market can also leave you in a confusing state with over dosage of online and offline information. OLX Cash My Car enables you to make the right decision in a cluttered used car market. But they cannot help you to get make a gain on the resale of your car until unless you have not followed these steps:

Condition of the car

Profitable resale value will always depend on the condition of the car. When the car is being inspected by an OLX Cash My Car Engineer across 125 parameters then its important for the car to perform above average to garner a good value. While there are major factors which impacts the condition of the car- how many kilometers it has been traveled, official documents to transfer the ownership, valid RC are few of them. Therefore, cumulatively these will help to land for a better ROI.

Servicing Records

It is like visiting a family physician every six months for a regular check-up so that your yield can be high. The same rule follows for the car as well where it is given for servicing every six months. A proper check-up at the station keeps your car healthy and sane. Every time you drive the car you know the worth of it. It is smoother than one can imagine. Also, give it for servicing after every outstation drive too. It minimizes the wear and tear of the car. Replenishing the oils of the car is an important task to keep the car strong. The most crucial responsibility of an owner is to keep all the servicing records handy while the time of selling. Recent past investment in your car will help you to increase the value of the car. For instance, if you have changed the tyres then produce the bill to enhance the value or same goes if the battery has been changed too.

Habits to Follow

There are few habits to be followed which will reap you benefits when selling your car. Like:

  • Keep the car always covered.
  • Follow the different driving style of a city and highway.
  • Try to refill petrol/diesel from a specific station.
  • Tyre Alignment Check
  • Keep your ears open while driving to know if the car is making an irregular sound.
  • Keep an eye on the engine too to check the smooth running of the spare parts.
  • Cover up small scratches on your own.

Partner you choose

No other player in the market understands the used car market better than OLX Cash My Car. It has efficiently laid down the process in a manner which not only helps to sell the car but also ensures to provide its customers with the best ROI. OLX Cash My Car, a right mix of online and offline services enables the customer to decide on an offer made. On acceptance, the customer is paid within 45 minutes. Nothing can get as smooth as this process where you do not have to run after the money. It is faster, easier and secure.

Keep in mind that there will be a time when you would want to sell your used car hence it becomes important to provide regular maintenance to the car.