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“4 Reason Why You Should Buy a Certified Second Hand Car”

The scenario has slowly and steadily changed when it comes to the used car market. As Indians, we generally go by first-hand items but with the consumers becoming well-informed and wise, the market is getting skewed towards buying pre-owned cars. The second-hand market saw the benefits of it with the launch of OLX. There has been a slow change in the dynamics of the auto industry like increase in the price of the cars and even the maintenance. This has led the buyers to ditch first-hand cars and go for a used one. Also, another important factor in the increase in the purchase of second-hand cars is a decrease in the length of the ownership of first-hand buys. Therefore, they come cheap as well as fairly new. The hand is getting changed within 4-6 years. With every season, at least 5-7 new models or upgraded version are launched by the major players leading to the easy availability of newer used cars. The question is when you can settle for an almost new car at a lesser price then why to end up spending multiple times. It’s a fact that once a brand-new car steps out of the showroom at that very time its price is decreased by 10-20%. Therefore, if you buy the same car after a few years of a gap then it would have depreciated available at a much lesser price. In addition, consumers are becoming aware of multiple reasons to buy a used car. There could be various factors associated with the change in the habit of the owners as well as the used car segment. The most crucial reason is that in the current market there is increasing trust in the organized players when it comes to providing used cars. They are well certified by OLX Cash My Car validating the money one is about to spend.

OLX Cash My Car ensure your money is getting invested in a long-term asset and not wasted. There are more and valid reasons to go for a certified pre-owned vehicle:

#1 Professional Check-up across 125 parameters

Yes, you read it right. OLX Cash My Car does a test of a car across 125 parameters before buying it or making it available for you in the market. They are inspected by OLX Cash My Cay “Inspection Engineers”. The analysis of the car also includes a short test drive to figure out the alignment and functioning of the tyres. If there is any extra sound that car is making or if there is any possibility of internal damage. The 125 parameters would include engine, external/internal damages, tyres, age of the car, kilometers traveled, battery condition so on and so forth. After the used car inspection, a value if offered to the owner basis the online bidding system. The online bidding system is based on the current demand-supply of the car model. Therefore, the whole process involves not only inspection but also market research to arrive at healthy pricing of the car. Pricing which can be trusted by you when you are buying it.

#2 Valid Transfer of the Ownership

Official ownership documents can make things fussy even if you cracked a profitable deal in buying a used car. The papers can be fudged easily or you can be duped too. Hence, it’s important to have a third party which can be trusted in handling a valid transfer of the ownership. OLX Cash My Car relieves you from the tension of running to RTO multiple times to get the alterations done. All the official documents are transferred by Cash My Car to the new owner without you being in the process. It makes the process much easier as well as conforms the transfer too.

#3 Insurance is Cheaper

When you buy a used car, the value of the car would have depreciated already. Therefore, the insurance would have become cheaper too. The premium would be much lesser in comparison to the amount which you would have paid for a new car. If you have dreamed of buying a high-end SUV or Sedan then the premium can be sky-rocketing too. Thus, overall the cost of the car becomes cheaper.

#4 Save Money to upgrade the Car

With every season, there are new cars in the market luring consumers to upgrade their cars too. But humanly it’s not possible to keep upgrading your car now and then, after all, it involves a lot of investment. When you buy a certified used car than its easier to sell as well as an upgrade to a new one. A certified car from organized players will make your life easier to resale the car and move to another one. The pre-owned car market is getting organized at a much faster rate providing better service than ever. The local dealers no more can cheat the customers for random pricing for non-tested used cars. Earlier customers used to buy a used car because they had a deficit of funds but now it has become a choice to do so.