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“Used Car Valuation – How to Check Used Car Value Online in India”

Today’s world is full of information. When you log on to the internet there is nothing which once cannot become aware of. For any issue, we look towards the internet making our research easy but at times we need to be thoughtful of information carrier too. Therefore, one also needs to filter the right information from a trustworthy source. Likewise, a lot of content related to used car valuation, ways of evaluating, the right price, how to get better returns etc are available online but most of them cannot be bought in. OLX with its prior experience in understanding the second-hand market of India its venture into the used car market industry validates it. OLX Cash My Car doesn’t only help you to let you sell your car easily but also keeps the entire process transparent. Used Car Valuation, no more a tedious job. While it used to be one of the most hectic processes to sell your car in the second-hand car market. One needs to debunk the old theories and replace them with the newer process of car valuation. For the longest time, used cars have been valued in isolation. None of the market forces was considered while deriving at a price. The valuation of a pre-owned car market cannot be determined without looking at different factors which are currently being taken care of by only a few organized players in the industry.

OLX Cash My Car provides an instant solution to it. One can log in on to the website of OLX Cash My Car, feed in details of the car like age of the car, model, kilometres it has run and a few more. The backend system generates a price which is totally based on the algorithm of demand and supply of the exact car model therefore, giving you the best result. These evaluations are free of cost and thus are handy in cases when you are contemplating to sell your old car. The entire process to visit a local dealer, negotiate and asking him to take out in a very non-professional way takes a toll on you. Therefore, to end up with the best bet one should always prefer online. Going ahead with the Cash My Car online evaluation can also let you compare the price offers made by the local dealers too. Also, do not forget to count in the unnecessary hassle you through. At times the negotiations are unending and not at all fruitful too. With online service, you are also avoiding taking the car to the dealer or searching for one of the physical outlets. It’s important to know the methodology used by OLX Cash My Car in computing the valuation of a used car. It does the calculation basis on TRUE VALUE CALCULATION which considers the below parameters:

  • Condition of the car
  • Usage of the car
  • Market Intelligence algorithm bases on demand and supply situation in a specific geography

In a layman language, above are the crucial parameters to calculate a car’s value. Once you have found the best price of your used car then you can go on to the final stage with OLX Cash My Car which is equally easy. It involves just three steps which are safe, faster and easier to follow:

  • Book a Free Inspection Appointment by calling on 9818262262.
  • The car can be inspected at your nearest preferred location of Cash My Car office.
  • The job is done by one of our trusted Inspection Engineers who uses over 125 parameters including a short test drive to arrive at the best result.
  • Value Bidding was based on the online data online bidding is carried upon to offer you the best price.
  • On acceptance of the offer, the payment is made to you within 45 minutes.
  • The paperwork, as well as transfer formalities, are taken care of by us.

OLX Cash My Car is taking care of you at every juncture of the journey. Trust us to trust your car.