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“Want to Sell Your Car – Know how to Settle the Right Price?”

If you have been struggling to sell your car for the longest times then you got your hands on the right article. With the Indian second-hand car market being unorganized it has been only a mess to sell the car at a better rate. In fact, forget about how to get the best returns it has also been a nightmare too for the car owners too! But the time is changing with organized players giving shape to the market. Players like OLX Cash My Car has made the process easier than ever thus enabling you to get the best ROI on the selling. OLX Cash My Car, with its simple three-step process to sell the car has been winning the hearts of many car owners across cities like Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad. Nothing can get simpler than booking a free manual inspection by a professional, evaluating the price of the car and offering it to you at the spot. The process takes just 45 mins to an hour to settle down with the right price of the car. Gone are those days when you had to take the car to the local dealers which would end in unnecessary negotiations. Also, not giving you the best of the offers after so much of to and for. With less awareness about the modus operandi of pre-owned markets, not many people are able to gaze the right price. Therefore, it’s important to know what is the right price for your car when selling it. You also need to know what impacts to arrive at the correct pricing – a satisfactory deal.

Go to the Right Place to sell your car

Do not wander around place to place to figure out the pricing of your car. With the second-hand car market getting organized slowly and steadily move to established players to understand the market. One should avoid local car dealers as much as possible to get trapped in a wrong deal. Either visit the offline stores of players like OLX Cash My Car or consider getting physical inspection booked by them. Their expertise will enable you to settle down for the best market price.

Know your Car Valuation online

In a world where everything is getting solved at a click, one should consider doing online research of price being offered for your used car or similar ones.  It’s important to be aware of the dynamics of the used car market too. The basic principle is demand versus supply which leads to the final pricing of used cars. Before online information, local dealers were devoid of using the online algorithm of demand and supply thus not able to give you the best ROI. OLX Cash My Car online platform can give you tentative pricing by just feeding a few of the details of your car. The pricing can be substantiated when visited their offline stores.

Recent Investment in the Car

The most important factor to derive as well as analyse the right pricing of your used car is to let the dealer know the recent past investment made in the car. The service history validates the investment which has kept it in a healthy condition. If you had changed the Engine Oil or got the spare parts repaired or changed as well as new battery was set up hence remember you have got an upper hand in negotiating a good price. Also, if you have been getting servicing done as per the car brand manual then there is nothing which can let you settle for a lesser price. In fact, if the car got new pairs of tyres then do ask for the money.

Another crucial factor is the official documents of your car. Documents like RC, Insurance papers, Hypothecation if any, finances related papers should be kept safely. These set of documents can really upgrade the pricing of the car. On the other hand, no one would know how well you have taken care of your asset therefore, it’s required to showcase the amount of effort and money has been invested to maintain the quality. No matter how much you are being derailed by others on pricing do listen to your used car and the experts when it comes selling for the right pricing. Happy Selling!