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“Engine Checklist before buying a used car”

Buying a used car in India can be turned into a gamble. The buyer needs to do his homework before closing the deal irrespective of how lucrative it is. There are different parameters which need to be cross-checked by a professional mechanic to verify the health of the engine. It’s crucial to buy a car with a robust running engine otherwise later it can make a dent in your pocket post purchase. Also, one should know that just a quick test drive is not enough time to check the engine’s status. Therefore, its recommended to do a manual inspection before signing off the contract. The engine makes the most of the pre-owned car’s final valuation thus if the engine is not in the comfortable working condition then it’s important to negotiate further. It’s suggested to not go by the words of local used car dealers with the car inspection.

Let’s check out the important checklist to go through the engine of a used car before buying:

Service Records, a historical record of maintenance

Service Records of a car is a proof which states that it has been maintained regularly. With every service record, detail of the particular services is mentioned. Thus, it’s imperative to ask for service record papers to check for oil changes as well as mileage records. One should look for if the engine oil has been changed regularly. There are general standards of changing oil between 3750 to 10,000 miles. Therefore, if the oil has been changed much later than the given milestone then engine would have worn from inside. Thus, leading to increased wear and tear.

Under the hood

The car on the look of it might look the best buy. But who knows how is it the performance of the car? How one can vet it? That’s why looking under the hood is very important. While checking the engine make sure it’s switched off, the transmission is in Park and the hand brake is applied too. You need to look for oil leaks, burnt oil smell or antifreeze. These are some of the indicators of poor maintenance of the engine. Be aware that local dealers at times wash off the engine to fool the buyers. So, when the engine appears to be too clean and shiny then smell that there is something fishy.

Burnt Oil Smell

The smell of burnt oil is a clear sign of oil leakage. During the test drive if you have experienced the smell of burnt oil then there is a possibility of leakage. Keep in mind that oil leakage can be an expensive affair once you have bought the car. Therefore, such expensive maintenance should be taken care of by the owner before the purchase. Be cautious not to let such issues pass on to you as they are additional expenses.

Oil Leaks and Oil Level

Under the hood vs look from the underneath inspection. Yes, there is a difference. There are some oil leaks which cannot be seen from under the hood analysis. So, go down to the knees to have a look underneath the car. The lower part of engine and transmission always need to be super dry which proves no oil related issues. Another check is of the petrol tank. There can be some dent on the petrol tank if the car was driven to high altitude regions. 

Coolant discharge, if any

For coolant issues in the car, you need to check the radiator. Coolant leakage from the radiator can also add on to your expense while buying a used car. It’s not about coolant level but the leakage. Therefore, if there is a crack in the radiator then it will have to be replaced. Do not get tempted by the overall look of the car.

Modifications in the engine

Modifications are good but only if the performance of the car has bettered. There are various types of modifications like it can be only of decorative purpose or to boost the performance of the car. While outlook modifications are fine, make sure that the performance modifications should boost the presentation. For example, if modifications are done in the engine or working parts of the car then one should be aware of the fact that the original parts are no more available in the car. It’s a known reality that a machine will always work best with original parts. Also, the availability of original parts might be rare for some of the brands or even more expensive.

Ignition of the car

The first impression is the last impression. It might be true for a car too. With the first ignition of the car, one can make out the problems too. Rough ignition indicates issues of battery. The too old battery might show such signs. If the engine is making loud noises or there is a commotion or car releases blue smoke, then you should not go ahead with the car. Though you can cross check when was the last battery was change from a service record.

The aforementioned checklist is some of the crucial factors which will decide how smooth drive you will have once you have made the used car purchase. OLX Cash My Car with its end to end services have been enabling the used car buyers to take the right decision. Thanks to the on-ground team professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements, always.