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maruti swift vs baleno comparison

“Maruti Swift vs Maruti Baleno- Specifications, Features and more”

The rivalry between sibling hatchbacks can make you feel perplexed in choosing between the two. Although it is difficult to choose between the two, but you can choose which is more suitable according to your needs, budget and lifestyle after reading the comparison report between Maruti swift and Maruti Baleno. Compare swift car features with Baleno on various aspects.

  1. Price:

The very first thing that comes to your mind before buying any car is the price, whether you can afford it or you will have to take an EMI. The on road price in New Delhi for maruti Suzuki swift is starting from rs. 5.6 lakhs  (lxi) and the price for baleno (sigma petrol) is starting from rs. 6.17 lakhs. These prices can vary from state to state due to various policies, road tax and ex-showroom prices in different regions. The latest model of swift is starting from rs. 4.99 lakhs and the latest model of baleno is the sigma petrol range between 5 lakhs to 8-10 lakhs.

2. Engine and fuel efficiency:

Swift:  the engine type of swift is k-series petrol engine with vvt and displacement (cc) of 1197cc. the number of cylinders in both cars are same (four cylinders). Swift has two engine variants; petrol with power of 82bhp and diesel with power of 74bhp. The diesel model is being discontinued from the latest model. The mileage is 22kmpl and a fuel tank capacity of 37.

Baleno:  it has an engine type of 1.2 L VVT petrol. The displacement of the car is same as baleno which is 1197cc. It gives you slightly better power of 84bhp in petrol variant and 74bhp in diesel which is same as swift. Baleno gives a mileage of 21.4kmpl and fuel capacity is same as maruti swift.

3. Exterior:

Swift: the length of the new swift lxi is 3840mm and the width being 1735mm. The height of the car is 1530mm and the wheelbase is 22450mm. The new swift has a tough front grille giving a sporty look. The boot space is 268L and a minimum turning radius of 4.80 m. The entire look of swift is sturdier and tough than baleno. The front is grille is complemented by an even better back. The shape of swift is different than other hatchbacks available in the market.

Baleno:  the length is 3995mm and width of 1745mm. The length and width are slightly bigger than maruti swift. The car has height and wheelbase of 1510mm and 2520mm respectively. The car is slightly shorter in height and a bit longer. Swift has a more rough and sturdy look. The car has a better boot space of 339L and 4.90mm wheelbase. Baleno send out a charming and adorable look. It is a good choice for those who have to travel to places with smaller and seasonal roads.

4. Interior and features of maruti baleno and swift:

The sibling hatchbacks are quite similar in their interior and the features proffered by maruti. Both the cars have a touch screen infotainment system, automatic climate control, good leg space, adjustable seat height, and reverse camera. You’ll get mostly all basic features in both the cars while swift has an edge over baleno when it comes to sound system, it has a 6-speaker system. Whereas baleno has a tilt and telescopic adjustment on steering while and lavish leather look gear.

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